That One Song

There are some songs which get lost from their ways, and instead of going in the ears, they take their steps towards the nose.
Yes, nose.
They blend themselves in the air and you breathe them in, and that song goes to your heart, and the heart pushes it with your blood to every cell in your body.
That is also when it reaches to your ears.
But, now you are not only listening to this song but you feel it inside you.
It runs through your mind and heart, and every part of your body that is alive, and it gives life to those dying cells, as well.
And you become that song.
This is one of those songs, and you caused it.


“Anxiety” – A Poem

I told my friends on an anxious night,
“My mind is not feeling alright”.
They told me, “Go, consult your parents”,
“Or go and try to work on your talents!”

I told my parents, “I don’t feel well”,
They checked for fever, and said “Tell”,
“You look alright, you’ve got headache?”
“Or stomach problems ‘cuz of bad cake?”

I said, “No, no, my mind’s on run”,
“I feel like I just need a gun”,
“Oh no! No, I won’t shoot my head”,
“I want to live, b’my soul is dead.”

They said, “We better go to doc”,
“You need to rest your mind on rock.”
Dad said, “You need some medicines.”
Mom said, “It’s due to past life’s sins.”

I went to doc; I went to saint;
Below they said, and now I’m faint.

Doctor said, “Medicate! The bill is eight thousand eighty eight.”

Saint said, “Meditate, also can you please donate?”

~ meyotov

Story or Not?

The friends were chilling at a park and conversing about random topics. Let’s say their names were ‘One’, ‘Two’ and ‘Three’.

“You know there are all kinds of thoughts coming to my mind nowadays”, said One. Not one of those friends, but the one with the name ‘One’. I should have known that these names would be confusing, but I couldn’t think of any other names for those friends, so I just gave them the names which came to my mind like one-two-three. I could have given them the names A-B-C but that just didn’t come to my mind at the time, and then the story had already started, so didn’t feel like changing the names. But yes, the lines in the quotes was said by the friend named ‘One’.

“What kind of thoughts?” Said Three. You see what I did there! You might have thought it was Two’s turn to say something, but here’s the twist! Two was just not interested in the conversation!! And if you didn’t really care about who would speak, I like you!

“Shitty thoughts!” said Two. Even though Two was not interested, Two had to say something. Because Two was getting bored and had already listened to what One and Three were talking.

“Not really shitty thoughts, but I won’t say you’re wrong, Two. I get thoughts which might sound shitty if I’d ever shape them into words and people might think that I’ve gone mad if they see me sharing those things in public. They might even think that I am some kind of danger to the society.” Said One looking at the two. And did you notice? I wrote ‘two’ without capitalizing the ‘t’, because by ‘two’ I meant One was looking at both Two and Three. So, you can now easily understand when I’m using the word ‘two’ for a number and when I’m using it for a name. But yes, you might have also noticed the ‘the’. So I think there just wasn’t any confusion. My bad.

“I have an idea. You can share whatever the hell you want to share if you do this thing that I’ve heard many people doing”, said Three.

“You don’t even know many people” Interrupted Two and started laughing when One also interrupted the laugh and said, “Two, please let Three speak, I’m tired of keeping these thoughts in my mind now, I really need to know the idea.”

“Well, Thanks One, and I’ll give you your answer as well once I’ve shared the idea with One”, said Three looking at Two and continued sharing the idea by saying, “So the idea is that you can write stories and let the character of your stories say what you want to say. You know, all your shitty or whatever thoughts can be out there and can make people think about them and if anyone gets offended, you can always say them that it was just a story, or you can also let the other character of your story go against the thought you have shared using the first character!” said Three.

One and Two both were impressed with the idea Three had shared. Three looked at wrist-watch and said, “I gotta go, people, see you some other day”, and started walking.
One also said goodbye to Two and left the park in a hurry, and Two kept thinking what Three was going to say about the people Three knows.

~Meyotov (Viraj)

Short Story: The Answer… ♥

They were sitting in front of a river, looking at the sunset and observing people walking, chatting and sitting just like them.
He suddenly looked at her and asked smilingly, “What do you love more; me or my poetry?”.

She stayed silent for a moment and looked into his eyes and said, “Everything of yours is part of you, and I love you, and your poetry too.”

He smiled, at how she answered his question in a poetic manner. Looking at his smile, her little smile started turning into a grin.

He stopped smiling and said with a serious face, “I want an honest answer, please; And you better give the answer that I want!”

“You”, she said without waiting for a moment.

Now the grin had transferred on his face. That grin got her excited. She wanted to confirm the answer. “What? I’m correct, right? Did I give you the right answer? Tell me!!” She threw all the sentences at one go.

He held her hands and said with a smile of satisfaction, “Yes…what I wanted was an Honest answer, and I trust you.”

I Am Just Good at Being Good at Things…

“What are you good at?”
This is the question that many people ask to many people for many reasons. Your interviewer may ask this to you, a person who has crush on you may ask this to you, or a random person may ask to you just for the sake of carrying on some dying conversation.

Whenever I have been asked this question, my mind start bobbling with lots of thoughts inside, trying to come out. It asks itself again and again – “What are you good at?”. Am I good at writing? Am I good at doodling or sketching? Am I good at playing a guitar or a keyboard or a flute? Am I good at coding or managing things? Am I good at marketing and advertising brands? Am I good at learning new things? What is it that I am good at? And then the learning-new-things-thought lead me to a conclusion that I might be good at getting good at things.

Recently I was thinking about my positive and negative points and then it struck me that I always get excited when it comes to learning new things, and I also enjoy learning new things with full dedication. But the negative thing here is that when it comes to master it, other skills start alluring me to know them and to learn them. And oh! I’m a sucker for learning new things. But because of this reason I end up being just good at the things when I take them for learning.

So when I thought about the positive things about me or let’s say when I started to think about what I am good at, the only thing that came to my mind as a conclusion was that all that I am good at is just getting good at things. Well, I hope that one day I can master a skill so that I can say that I’m good at “this thing” and also at getting good at other things.

~Viraj Raol

Why don’t you just write!

There are always those friends who help you solve your problems. Such friends can be classified in 2 categories,

I come under the second category.
I remember giving mental support to my friends since when I was 6 years old. I’ve always been good at it. Or at least that is what I’ve always thought I’ve always been. I even have some frequently-answered-philosophical-replies (something like “have you tried turning it off and on again?”). And among those solutions, my favorite solution has been -“Why don’t you write”!

I always thought that it was the best solution for any kind of a problem. You feel much, you think much, you get anxious, you write, you get better! I give this solution to most of my friends when they come with their problems because writing always helped me with my problems. Writing makes me feel relaxed and that relaxed mind then helps me think about the solution to the problem and eventually problems get solved because of writing (indirectly, it helps).

But the real question is, “Does this help always?” or “Does this help everyone?”. These questions hit my mind recently when I was feeling anxious because of some reason (about which I’d write in some future post) and a friend of mine gave me the solution I had given to them in some point of their life. And the questions hit me because I couldn’t write! That is when I knew how those friends used to say that they just can’t write. That’s when I understood them why they used to say that “Writing helps you because you like writing”.

Well, but I was wrong again. A friend of mine recently said that he started writing in his diary and it is helping him solve his problems with less anxiousness. And I can say that I was wrong because now I know that when someone says that you should write to feel good and you think that you won’t be able to write, you still should write. It won’t be easy to do it. You might not get even a single word to write about, but then you should just start. Just start with whatever comes to your mind. If writing is all that is in your mind because you can not write and you are told to write, write about writing!

That is what this post is! I’ve written about writing because I know that this is the solution I love the most and has helped not only me to solve my problems, but this has helped my friends as well. You can always give it a try.

Come on, give it a try! And if you can’t decide from where to start writing, start with commenting on this post! 🙂

~meyotov (Viraj)

Love is weird for sure! ♥

“You must be getting so much tired after doing all this work the whole day, your projects, lectures, assignments, commuting and even after coming back to home you have all these guests and other chores. And like that is not enough, I call you and text you and come up with complaints of my life to give you more headaches!” She said in a single breath.

He thought for a while. The silence made her more anxious and she started thinking that she must have had added more trouble to his tired mind by asking this question, but then she thought that it’d be better in two ways to let him answer.Firstly, she’d get to know the real answer as he is really taking time to think for answering to her question. Secondly, if she tries to stop him from answering the question, she’d again have to say more words which might annoy him even more.


He already knew the answer to this question because he, somehow, knew that she’d ask this to him someday as he had actually thought more than once that she was annoying at times but the reason which kept him cool was what he said out loud to her on call as an answer to her question. “You know, you’re right. I do get tired. I do get annoyed by all these things. And yes, guests at the end of the day is the worst thing that can happen! But the one thing that you’re wrong about is the one where you said that you give me headaches or that you’re annoying. Well, I’m not saying that you’re not annoying at all. But it is like that little cute annoyance, those pretty innocent complaints take away all the headaches given by all those former things. All my attention is then only and only centered on those easy-to-handle complaints. And that is why all the texts and calls at the end of the day are those important things for me which are like medicines to me. Small. Bitter. But important for relief from all the worries, all the headaches. And that is why i love those annoying calls. That’s why I keep waiting for all the texts with your complaints. And that is the reason that I love you.” And then, even though he knew that she won’t be able to see him on that phone call, he smiled. So did she.

~Viraj Raol (Meyotov) 🙂