Blogs ki Maya

“ब्लोग्स की माया में लटका,
घूम रहा में भुला-भटका!”
Jumping from one blog to another, I’m actually feeling like a blog-monkey!
I just really cant decide where to get stuck!
I already have two blogs which already has many reader-friends who are happily reading my “bakwaas”, but “यह चंचल मन”!! God  knows when it will stop wandering like a ghost (I mean stop ‘wandering like ghosts’, not ‘stopping like ghosts’ :P)
But whatever my mind is doing, I’m loving it.
But yes! there sure are some differences between all these three blogs of mine(it really feels weird to say this again and again that I have three blogs 😛 )! And those differences are :
1) is my personal blog that is my best buddy as it helped me (and is still helping me) to know what i love to do i.e. writing. that blog is like a sandbox for me, I can do anything there,  I can write in any language in that blog(my blogs my rules, bwahahaha 3:D ) and that is the best thing about that blog.
2) is my gujarati blog that helped me making too many blogger-friends. It helped me finding a small writer hidden somewhere in me. It brought me to the great ocean of gujarati bloggers! I’m really very thankful to Mr.Bhupendrasinh Raol to suggest me a wonderful blogging site like WordPress.
3) And third one is this….. And I really do not know what the heck I’m doing in this blog or what I’m going to do with this blog in future……but hey….wait, wait, I’m not done yet…. I do have some plans in my mind.
I have some friends who love to write but don’t have much time that they can spend for blogging. I’m thinking to share this blog with them. I’ll share their posts, my posts, some poems, some stories, some music, some recipes(yes, i have a food-lover friend too…. :D), some made-up dialogues and many other fun stuff.
And sure there will be some mini-posts containing some updates from day-to-day life.
So have fun, keep reading, and do give feedbacks and keep suggesting topics so that I can improve this blog. 🙂 😛 😀
-Undefined Viraj

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